Oatmeal Strawberry chia jam tart

Strawberry, coconut and lime is the best combo on the earth, If to that we add my favorite tart crust, this one becomes one of the best pies of all. I tell you about this oatmeal crust? Well, it´s super easy and delicious, ideal for a breakfast tart, and since the oats doesn´t have a very strong flavor goes great with almost any combination of flavors, you can add cinnamon, cocoa, or the spices of your taste, as well use the crust for a salty tart.

Tarta chia frutilla coco lima.jpg


Crust Recipe (11 inch mold)

-4 cups rolled oats, -1/3 cup coconut o muscavado sugar, -1 tsb vanilla extract, -3 Tbsp coconut oil, -1/2 tsp sea salt, -1 1/3 cup water or plantbased milk. Preheat the oven to 200℃. Process all the ingredients and put in a mold with parchment paper and bake about 20-25 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and begin to separate the crust from the edge of the mold.

Filling Recipe:

-5 cups fresh chopped strawberries, -1 tsp lime zest, -1 Tbsp lemon juice, -1/4 cup muscovado or coconut sugar. Process all the ingredients, add 2/3 cup chia seeds and mix well, refrigerate about two hours. Put the chia jam on the crust and finish with full fat coconut milk (refrigerated all night) and lime zest. It is recommended to eat cold!


Author: Gaspar

Welcome to my little universe of healthy food! I’m Gaspar Carreira, born in Argentina and I live in Uruguay. Since I was a kid I was surrounded by chefs besides good food, I can not complain, so I like to say that I have the kitchen in my blood. And I always liked the sport and I care about the health of my body, which led me to join these two parts of my life and find my passion, which is to create and share simple and healthy recipes to share. I hope you like it, and thank you for visiting me

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