Buckwheat breakfast Muffins

These muffins were a real success. Full of chocolate, and super fluffy. I say they are for breakfast, but every time I make these muffins I eat them all the day. 


Have you ever tasted bitter chocolate with 99% cacao? It has a very intense flavor, I couldn´t eat a bit. So I decided to melt it and mix it with a little pinch of maple syrup, and this way I leave a super delicious sauce.

Recipe: -1 cup buckwheat flour, -1/2 cup rolled oats, -1/3 cup cacao powder, -1/3 cup sheered coconut, -1/3 cup muscovado sugar -1/2 tsp vanilla extract, -1/4 tsp sea salt, -1 tsp baking powder, -1 cup plantbased milk, or water. Mix everything and bake about 15 minutes to 180℃, or until the muffins are cooked on the outside and inside begin to separate th muffin from the edge of the mold.


Author: Gaspar

Welcome to my little universe of healthy food! I’m Gaspar Carreira, born in Argentina and I live in Uruguay. Since I was a kid I was surrounded by chefs besides good food, I can not complain, so I like to say that I have the kitchen in my blood. And I always liked the sport and I care about the health of my body, which led me to join these two parts of my life and find my passion, which is to create and share simple and healthy recipes to share. I hope you like it, and thank you for visiting me

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